EveBox exposes an API to the web based frontend that may be useful for other purposes. While the API is not stable yet, this is an attempt to document endpoints that are somewhat stable.

GET /api/1/alerts

The alerts endpoint returns alert groupings as seen in the EveBox Inbox, Escalated and Alerts views. An individual alert group is considered to be a grouping of a signature id, source address and destination address with a count of the number of times that event occurred and a time range containing the oldest occurrence of the alert, and newest occurrence. Additionally, the most recent occurence of the alert is returned.

In SQL terms the grouping is like GROUP BY signature_id, GROUP BY src_ip, GROUP BY dest_ip.

Query Parameters

time_range (or timeRange)

Time range to limit matching alerts to. Only alerts between ‘now’ and time_range ago will be returned.


  • Last minute: 60s
  • Last hour: 3600s
  • Last 24 hours: 86400s

At this time only the ‘s’ unit is support for seconds.

This paramet is not allowed with min_ts or max_ts.


Specify the minimum timestamp for the range of the query. Alerts occurence on this or after will be included.


Specify the maximum timestamp for the range of the query. Alerts occurring before or on this time will be included.


A list of tags that events must, or must not have. Tags are commented separated, and if prefixed with “-”, only alerts not having that tag will be returned.

The EveBox inbox is made of alerts that have not been archived, so use the value “-evebox.archived”. The escalated view is made of alerts that have the “evebox.escalated” tagged and would be queries with a value of “evebox.escalated”.

query_string (or queryString)

Query string alerts must match. The format of the query string varies depending on the datastore used.

Response Format

  "alerts": [
      "count": 82,
      "event": {
      "_id": "98ae9349-136e-11e7-bba7-d8cb8a1db3b2",
      "_index": "logstash-2017.03.28",
      "_score": null,
      "_source": {
        "@timestamp": "2017-03-28T04:25:37.808Z",
      "maxTs": "2017-03-27T22:25:37.808514-0600",
      "minTs": "2017-03-26T23:07:22.539277-0600",
      "escalatedCount": 0


Query the “inbox” for alerts occurring in the last 24 hours:

curl -G http://localhost:5636/api/1/alerts \
    -d time_range=60s \
    -d tags=-archived

Query the “escalated” view:

curl -G http://localhost:5636/api/1/alerts \
    -d tags=evebox.escalated

Query the “Alerts” view for all alerts in the last 24 hours:

curl -G http://localhost:5636/api/1/alerts \
    -d time_range=84600s

Query alerts for all groups in the last 24 hours containing the string “GPL ICMP_INFO”:

curl -G http://localhost:5636/api/1/alerts \
    -d time_range=84600s -d query_string="ICMP_INFO"

Query for alert groups with a destination IP of in the last day:

curl -G http://localhost:5636/api/1/alerts \
    -d time_range=84600s -d query_string="dest_ip:"