Enabling Authentication

Authentication requires:

  • Enabling authentication in your EveBox configuration file:

      required: true
      type: usernamepassword
  • And enabling the configuration database either with the -D command line option or the data-directory configuration file setting.


If using the RPM or Debian packages AND starting EveBox with systemd, the data-directory is already configured to be /var/lib/evebox.


For the rest of this documentation, /var/lib/evebox will be used as the data-directory.

Starting the Server with Authentication Enabled

If EveBox was installed with a RPM or Debian package and started with systemd, it is already setup with a configuration database, just enable authentication in /etc/evebox/evebox.yaml (you may first need to cp /etc/evebox/evebox.yaml.example /etc/evebox/evebox.yaml.

Otherwise, if you are manually starting EveBox you must use the -D command line option to set the data directory where the configuration database can be stored:

./evebox server -D ~/.evebox/


The EVEBOX_DATA_DIRECTORY environment variable can also be used to set the data directory.

Adding a User

Adding users is done with the config tool, for example:

evebox config -D /var/lib/evebox users add --username joe


RPM and Debian package installations of EveBox setup /var/lib/evebox to be owned by the user evebox, so you may need use sudo to add users, for example:

sudo -u evebox evebox config -D /var/lib/evebox users add

or as root:

sudo evebox config -D /var/lib/evebox users add